Most of my freeware fonts can be downloaded at

Commercial fonts are at creates full character sets of fonts for multiple languages, including mine! Please pay it a visit!

Angry Video Game Nerd, Vol. 3 DVD set

font: Karmatic Arcade
Download here

logo for Japanese Olympic team (Torino 2006)

font: Eurocentric (alteration)
Download here

logo for The Cleaner (A&E)

font: Edo (alteration)
Download here

font for Jersey Shore (MTV)

font: Umbrage
Download here

font for Chapter 3, Mother 3 Handbook (Fangamer)

font: Boston Traffic
Download here

album cover for Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis

font: Alpha Echo (alteration)
Download here

font for Mahjongg Wii (JustWoody) on Nintendo Wii

font: Nuku Nuku
Download here

"Cold War Update" logo for The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

font: Kremlin
Download here

font for Zendoku (Zoonami) on Nintendo DS and PSP

font: Gang Of Three
Download here

"Exclusive" logo for

font: Armalite Rifle
Download here

"U Say" logo for Onion News Network (IFC)

font: Corporate
Download here

Boston Phoenix, incl. front cover Feb. 11-17, 2011 issue

font: Edo
Download here

jacket for MiG-23 Broke My Heart by A.K. Dawson

fonts: Know Your Product & Edo
Download here and here

cover for Mega Man #18 (Archie)

font: ICBM SS-25
Download here